Irina Beha

Masters Degree "Business Psychology and Changemanagement" i.e.

Socio-paedagogicalal studies:
Specialization in practical psychology

Certified Performance Coach and Consultant CPCC cct (by the “Deutschen Bundesverband Coaching DBVC” – German federal Coaching society)

ReissProfile Master

As entrepreneur with 10 years of Coaching and Training experience I support you with finding of individually required approaches, strategies and solutions. It only requires your interest in personal and corporate development to experience continuous everyday improvements.

I use Systemic-Integrated Coaching as the basis of my work:

The Coachee (client) naturally is the centre of the Coaching process, but their environment plays a vital role. As a social entity, humans live in social systems – families, work colleagues, friends – we are in constant contact with our social environment and are closely connected. With this systemic view point we create a mutli-perspectivity – different points of view and new approaches are perceived.

An integrated Coaching approach means the integration of elements from different psychological and pedagogical approaches and functional models. I work with practices from humanistic psychology, systemic-constructive approach, transactional analysis and other methods.


As ReissProfileMaster I use the knowledge about inner values as tool for diagnostics for understanding of the human motivation. The Reiss Profile asks for the “Why”, the source of human action – and therefore find out the reasons for essential and unchangeable aspects of personalities.

One of the most important aspect of my work is the development of emotional intelligence as the ability to handle one’s own and others’ feelings – the conscious handling of reaction to life environments. Life can hardly be directed, but the reaction to a situation is in our hands.

I use Mental training techniques from the area of idea finding to find new perspective of problem solving. Often one finds themselves between a rock and a hard place, where each conceivable solution consist of compromises and does not satisfy optimal perception. To reach a goal to the best possible solution one can view the decision from a different point of view and make an authentic decision.

My method of work:

  • Respectful attitude towards the Coachee. Respect, attention and esteem are the most important expressions of appreciation.
  • Personal boarders and values are accepted and recognized
  • Opennes, clarity and an action oriented approach ensure that the Coaching is goal oriented and sustainable
  • Trust and total discretion are self-evident
  • Used methods are transparent and make no use of manipulation
  • My work is neutral and independant from ideological and/or religious views