What can I accomplish with Coaching?
In a complex living environment Coaching supports you to achieve effective results quickly. You will analyse your personal situation and requirements, recognise new perspectives, concretise goals and direct your actions towards these.

When do you need Coaching?
Reasons for Coaching are highly individual.
In the following I will describe a few examples of solutions in practice:

  • You cannot see a solution and are stuck between a rock and a hard place: I neither want to decide for option A nor option B – both are simply compromises? You suffer due to your life not coinciding with your ideas and interest? Or you are truly stressed by not being able to switch off and let go of your negative feelings and patterns of thoughts?
  • You are currently under higher performance pressure than usual? Or you scrutinise your own decisions that you have made in the past: Why did I chose this job? Have I changed personally? Does my partner suit my needs or did I simply slip into this relationship?
  • How can I manage to be good in my job while also pursue my hobbies/personal interests? How can I advance my career while keeping pace with my relationship/family? How do I balance my private and professional life?
  • New job or new company? How much time do I allow myself until I feel up to speed? Coaching will give you guidance, avoid inherent errors, highlights areas of improvement and support to reach acceptance and security in a new position.
  • Typical sandwich-situation? Challenges become more complex, pressure to perform increases while at the same time you or your team is suffering to achieve daily tasks? During Coaching you will work on suitable strategies to keep track, to set the right priorities and to act rigorously. This will enable you to consistently succeed in these situations.
  • High level of responsibility? But the resources available are decreasing more and more? Through Coaching you strengthen your ability to improve collaboration; to inspire customers, business partners and colleagues for your ideas and projects.

Through Coaching you will gain support to improve your self- and time-management. This is how you replace stress with sovereignty and keep your effectiveness. I will gladly talk to you about solutions to your personal concerns.

What type of work attitude can you expect?
“Reaching Goals together”
You and the realisation of your goals are the focus of our cooperation. Since nobody feels happy being pushed into a category, whether it is during Coaching, Team Development or Moderation. This is why the following is true in our cooperation:

  • Individual and goal oriented: each Coaching, each Team Development, each Moderation starts with an As-Is-Analysis and precise goal definition. Since success means that we clearly work on and precisely towards your goals.
  • Committed: your autonomy, flexibility and willingness to change are crucial success criteria. Together we will strengthen your ability to shape your processes for change.
  • Process oriented: we evaluate our approach continuously for effectiveness and efficiency. This is how we ensure goal orientation and transparency of processes.
  • Sustainable: all actions and solution are considered with their impact to the environment. This is how practicability of your development is ensured in long term.

The basis of our professional relationship is mutual trust and an open and valued collaboration. As your “eye-level” partner I will question, mirror, irritate and motivate. I will initiate and guide your process of development – goal oriented, pragmatic, quickly and sustainable – without taking the responsibility away from you.

How do I start the Coaching?
The basis for all successful Coaching is trust and mutual acceptance.
Therefore a free and non-binding preliminary talk is self-evident. Send me email and we will make an appointment for a preliminary talk (via phone or Skype).
This preliminary talk will be useful to get to know each other. We will talk about the results you expect to achieve, if Coaching is the suitable method and if I am the right Coach for you. If everything is fine, we will go ahead and make an agreement on how to proceed and about the probable timing and pricing.

How long does a Coaching process take?
Usually an effective Coaching takes about 3 to 5 sessions of 90-120 minutes (more if required). Sessions will be held in 1-2 week intervals. Past successful Coaching`s have shown that the following best practice:

  • Goal definition and commitment to concrete goal criteria – preliminary talk (free)
  • Situation analysis, approach, evaluation and implementation – 5 or more sessions
  • Finalisation and transfer to future (as required)

How much does a session cost and how does a booking work?
A session of Coaching for private individuals takes about 1.5 hours.

Following a free preliminary talk (about 15 minutes) we will agree to a reasonable duration of Coaching sessions. Before starting the Coaching sessions, we will agree to binding appointments at which time payment is to be made.

I also offer the possibility to hold the Coaching via Skype. This will save you the journey and you can make use of my support regardless of distance. You can deduct the Coaching costs from your income taxes as professional training and development.

Interested? Please contact me at beha@sanarina.de

More than the past, it is the future that interests me, since that's where I intend to live.
(Albert Einstein)