Firstly the inner attitude, then the outer posture

I can`t take it anymore…how could I have been so stupid in the past to decide for this…I don`t want to face the same problems again...want to break free...but don`t know how…
You are under pressure to perform more than usual? Or you question decisions you have made some time ago: Why did I choose this job? Have I changed as a person? Does my partner suit my needs or did I simply slip into this relationship?
These questions or doubts can lead to the conclusion that you need to change something in your life, including:
  • Frustration or fear about the current job and life situation
  • Challenging past decisions
  • An obstacle in your current life or work style
  • Possible doubts for or against your considered changes
Attitudes, dogmas and values, that may not be current anymore and that you may be unaware of, keep you from being successful. Professionally and privately! Together we will discover these obstacles and clear the way for a constructive attitude.