Job-/Career planning

Only the one who knows his goal will find the path.

School is stupid...what do I do it for...what do they want from me…what do I do after I graduate…I don`t have a clue, not even where and how to look…and especially what to look for…
Which profession should I choose? Which tasks make me happy? Who am I? What do I want to do? What do I want to have?
Do you use suggestions from your environment for your personal decisions? What does your social environment say about a job offer, e.g. as “Educational Media Designer”, or “Environmental and Resource Management”? The modern informational overflow impacts our decisions and doesn`t make the way to the right decision any easier. To check each one of the options takes time, is nerving and takes away personal orientation.
I help you if you want to know
  • Which decisions match your own goals?
  • Which inner value and needs guide your behavior?
  • What motivates you to reach your goals?
  • Which tasks make your deeply happy?
You find out on your own what is right for you and what makes you happy. Most of the basic behavioral patterns are programmed by observation of our fellow humans – by our parents, friends, relatives, teachers and other idols. To bring your own goals and wishes in agreement with your individuality of your personality – that is the success of your decisions!