Solving life conflicts


I am not sure which decision to make…everything I can think of is impossible, or I don`t have money/energy/time to realize all this…doesn`t fit…but I want to do everything right and for everyone…
You cannot find a solution and find yourself between a rock and a hard place: I neither want to decide between option A nor B – both are only compromises? You suffer because your life does not match your own imagination and interests?
Or you feel especially stressed because you cannot disregard and let go of your negative feelings and thoughts?
I offer strategies for solutions with inner levels of stress, incapacity to act, feeling of powerlessness, tightness, doubts, constant anxiety in the following situations:
  • Job conflicts (supervisor or colleagues)
  • Upcoming professional or private change (transition, dismissal, retirement)
  • Private matters in family/partnership/friendship (e.g. separation, caring for relatives, problems in school/education, etc.)
  • Difficult or straining environments
Every person sufficient talents and abilities to be successful and happy. Discover your inner contradictions that add to feeling like a hamster on a wheel. Actively decide for behaviour alternatives that influence your acting towards the outside to be able to calm down and reach the desired goal at the same time..