Work-Life-Balance/ Life Balance

Success, Health, Happiness and Serenity starts... in your head.

This is too much for me...I only need to function…no time to go shopping in good times…I can`t find time for my friends and hobbies…I`m simply tired when I get home…and tomorrow do it all over again…
How do I manage to get my job done well and enjoy my hobbies/personal interests at the same time? How do I advance my career and not leave my partnership/family behind? How do I keep balance between my private and work life?
You constantly try to keep balance using strong discipline, which is not very suitable for daily life? Do you suffer from anxiety or indetermination? Do these strain affect your private life? Do you feel unwell due to these imbalances?
You are:
  • overloaded, overstrained?
  • About to burn out?
  • Vurnerable to Mobbing?
  • Constantly stressed?
Your behaviour is the result of mental and emotional processes, and therefore we will firstly work on a change in your personal (inner) views. The New in your life will get a chance to establish permanently.