Coaching for leaders and specialists

You must be prepared to do the things that others would never do to get the things that other would never get.

(Les Brown)

Along with the right decisions you must take care of the urgent tasks while willingness to perform and responsibility are to be on a high level constantly? Your employees have conflicts and constantly come to you with objections/complaints? You expect from your team to better implement tasks and come against incomprehension?
Through individual Coaching you can activate your own power reserves and get to optimal results for:
  • Leading in stressful contexts (staff reduction, restructuring, etc.)
  • Solutions with disruptions and tensions within your team
  • Dealing with difficult employees
  • Change of perspective in disputes
Individual Coaching provides you with valuable insights into your authentic leadership and to make you understand how your employees can be talked to more successfully and individually through more suitable courses of action and communication. Through Self-perception and awareness of others you can understand and optimally apply behavioral patterns to reach goals in the best manner.